Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reports on Jewish cemeteries in Moldova

The Moldovan edition of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty broadcasted a documentary about Jewish cemeteries in the country. Represented are the cemeteries in Chisinau, Orhei and Vadul-Rashcov. They are outstanding witnesses of Jewish heritage in Moldova. Hopefully this will contribute to raise awareness of public, politics and administrations towards these cemeteries and their worthiness of protection. I am grateful to have been interviewed by editor Eugenia Pogor and for the chance to express my view of the significance of these places for all of us.

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Farewell, Moldova!

On our last common day in Moldova Achim, Petra and I went from Bălţi (Beltsy) back to Chişinău (Kishinev). We decided to take a western route to visit the Jewish cemetery in Făleşti (Faleshty).

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In the Moldovan Borderlands

Today we have been in the outer northwest of Moldova, in Briceni and Lipcani. Here you find yourself in a triangle between Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. In both places there are remarkable old Jewish cemeteries.

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