Plans for April

In the first half of April 2015 I will be back on the road with my friends Petra and Achim. We are an experienced travel team. Among other trips, we were traveling two years ago in Galicia and Northern Bukovina in Ukraine. This time Southern Bukovina, by now the Romanian part of the former Austro-Hungarian crown land, is waiting for us. I compiled a list of places to go, but I’m sure there are knowledgeable readers who have good suggestions for more destinations!

Travel Destinations in Southern Bukovina

Travel Destinations in Southern Bukovina

1. Campulung Moldovenesc, 2. Gura Humorolui, 3. Solca, 4. Arbore, 5. Radauti / Radautz, 6. Moldovita, 7. Siret, 8. Mihaileni, 9. Dorohoi, 10. Suceava, 11. Botosani, 12. Vatra Dornei, 13. Săveni, 14. Colacu (Fundul Moldovei), 15. Carlibaba, 16. Iacobeni, 17. Burdujeni, 18. Itcani, 19. Vama, 20. Bucecea

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